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First week: September 1-8, 2019

I am on a trip for more than 12 hours. At 6:00 am arrived at NAIA Airport and picked up by Ma’am Geraldine who was waiting near the money changer counter. The trip from Manila to Baguio takes around 7 hours, which includes a break for breakfast and lunch.

Arriving in Baguio, I was allowed to rest first and at 3pm later me and friends would be invited to go to the public market to buy the items needed and exchange my money which was still in dollars.

In this program in batch 8 placed in SLU, we have 4 people, and all from Indonesia. Annisa and I are from economic education, Fauzia from physics education, and Wafa from English education.

The opening of this program officially began on September 2, 2019, at the Alejandro Roces Board Room, Saint Louis University at 09.30am – 12.00pm. At the opening ceremony I was introduced to Buddy, CT, and my Instructor Supervisor. My buddy is named Wyshaleen Pilando and I call her My Way, and my CT is named Mildred M. Salvatera. She from social studies, especially in history, and my Supervisor named Bryan V. Catama. it will be these three people who will accompany and guide me during the program.

I was sent to practice teaching at Baguio City National High School, one of the most famous schools in the city of Baguio. At BCNHS I will teach History Courses at Level 8, where I with the basic Economics, this is a challenge to be an extraordinary experience for me. My Cooperating teacher, Ma’am Salvatera, handles 5 classes, namely Confidence, Competence, Courage, Coherence, and Chivalry.

Each subject has 1 hour lesson with 60 minutes duration. The first 10-15 minutes are motivational sessions, the next 40-45 minutes are presentation sessions and the last 5-10 minutes are generalization or application sessions from students.

On September 6, 2019 or Friday, I asked for permission to go to the mosque at 11pm, because I had to pray on Friday in congregation and my buddy wyshaleen took me by riding a taxi. Arriving at the mosque, I shuddered with amazement, because the mosque’s worshipers were very numerous, and my heart felt very calm when I heard the Adzan for the first time I set foot in the Philippines. After Friday prayers at 1.30pm, I returned to school by taxi.

On September 7, 2019, I was invited to join the class of high school students, the knowledge I got in that class was how to motivate the class before the lesson began, how to manage the class, and how to appreciate students when successfully answering or asking questions. By the way, every weekend we are invited to take a walk around the city, but unfortunately on Sunday, September 8, 2019 the weather here is not support, where the rain is very strong and the winds are strong, so it is not possible to go around the city. So I just stayed in the dorm and read material about the content that I was going to teach.


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