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The Second Week: September 09-15, 2019

This week I received an evaluation sheet from Seameo to give an assessment of my teaching practice. And this week too, my days were very busy making Lesson Plans and thinking about teaching strategies and mastering material topics.

This week is a team teaching week with my CT, I only did team teaching several times, and this week I did a teaching practice, namely in the confidence class with the topic “Sharing about Indonesia” and observed by CT, the children were so enthusiastic when I share stories about Indonesia, about different varieties, enormous cultures, and natural beauty.

In the BCNHS school library, I always talk with students who happen to be practicum teaching in here, I also often ask to teach how to make lesson plans, how to control students in the class, and also often exchange Movie hehehe.

Also, on this second week, Friday, September 13, 2019, the school was closed, according to the information I had heard due to the anniversary of the city of Baguio. And on Friday, the second week, on Friday prayers I met with Mr. Hud from Malaysia, I was very happy to be able to meet with a Malay family. We talked a lot with him after the prayer, he told his story why he was in the Philippines, almost 1 hour more I talked with him.

On Saturday I went to SLU to meet My Way to ask for guidance in making the Lesson Plan, and after making the Lesson Plan, we were invited to go to SM with the Buddies. Wow, it’s quite refreshing right after I finish working on the Lesson Plan. In SM i bought several items that caught my attention, such as bags and clothes.

And on Sunday, we were invited to a city tour because the weather was very supportive. The first destination is Melchor Hall, the Philippines Military Academy, and the second destination is Tam-Awan Village, and the third is the Bancab Museum.


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