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Fourth Week: September 23-29, 2019

Monday is the last day I teach, I have prepared everything and hope to provide satisfactory results for my Buddy, CT and SI. Before I entered class,my CT sent me a message “sir can you please come here at confidence, 8.30 they just want to take a picture with you” ahhhhh I was immediately moved.Lanjutkan membaca “Fourth Week: September 23-29, 2019”

The Second Week: September 09-15, 2019

This week I received an evaluation sheet from Seameo to give an assessment of my teaching practice. And this week too, my days were very busy making Lesson Plans and thinking about teaching strategies and mastering material topics. This week is a team teaching week with my CT, I only did team teaching several times,Lanjutkan membaca “The Second Week: September 09-15, 2019”

First week: September 1-8, 2019

I am on a trip for more than 12 hours. At 6:00 am arrived at NAIA Airport and picked up by Ma’am Geraldine who was waiting near the money changer counter. The trip from Manila to Baguio takes around 7 hours, which includes a break for breakfast and lunch. Arriving in Baguio, I was allowedLanjutkan membaca “First week: September 1-8, 2019”