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Third Week: September 16-22, 2019

The third week is a teaching week, for this week I have 8 meetings to teach, 4 at Observ by SI and 4 times observed by CT, with this 5 times observations have been completed with CT and only 1 meeting left with SI.

At the first meeting this week on Monday my content was education, my strategy was a debate. I want to know the extent of students’ knowledge about educational goals and what reasons they know about school for their daily lives. Completed of my confidence immediately rushed to competence with different content, about “The Origins of Rome”.

After the first, second and third meeting, I continued to improve myself, which was my weakness. And of course, I always fail in improving time management in class, this is because the teaching time is only 60 minutes, whereas in Indonesia it is 2×45 minutes or 90 minutes. I am really facing a serious challenge, starting from the basic difference, and also the difference in teaching time. Until the last meeting this week, again I failed again in improving time management, especially in completing what was in my lesson plan. With all humility,Buddies, CT and my SI always give support to me, provide motivation and inspiration.

The knowledge given by CT and SI, I do not use for myself, sometimes I also share with my students which is related to the content of the lesson. Come to think of it, I more often discuss content which is related to the moral message of life.

On Saturday, I only focused on working on the Lesson Plan, for the last demo on Monday, I had to give my best, after all the motivation from my CT and SI. After I made the Lesson plan, I went to my buddies to ask for corrections and asked for some suggest. Finished in the correction I immediately met my SI. When my SI saw my Lesson Plan, he had no comment with my Lesson Plan and he also said that your Lesson Plan was very good. Wahhhh this is a new spirit again from my SI, I was very happy with it.

On Sunday, we were invited to a city tour to Northern Blossom and spent around 2-3 hours traveling. Northen blossom is a flower garden near the city of Baguio.


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